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August 22nd, 23rd & 24th 2014 Premier Coin-Op & Advertising
Morphy Auctions | Denver, PA 17517
Date(s) :  8/22/2014 - 8/24/2014
Bidding Open
This auction includes over 1,500 Lots of Coin-Op and Advertising. The August 22, 23 & 24th auction includes more than 1,000+ assorted soda advertisements, featuring over 275+ Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co. brand advertisements. This auction will also include150 + alcohol advertisements from brands such as Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch, Green River, Seagram’s Gin, Yuengling, and other high-quality companies. Over 50+ lots of automotive advertisements will also be included in this auction, from brands such as Greyhound, Route 66, Sunoco, Koolmotor, Chevrolet, Standard Oil, Mobilgas, Firestone, and much more. This auction features the Coca-Cola Calendar Collection of Gordon Breslow. This is one of the finest overall Coca-Cola calendar collections in the world. What distinguishes and sets Gordon’s collection apart is his completeness in calendars from the very early years. You very seldom view a collection with so many of the smaller format and rare calendars. Even though many have some level of expert and professional restoration, this is definitely a situation where any shortcomings in that area can be ignored, due to the extreme scarcity of most of these calendars. Even portions and remnants are rarely found! Along with the hundreds of lots available for auction, we will also have 35+ Tobacco Advertisements, over 25+ lots of Coin Op, 100+ Pinball Machines, and 200+ lots of Antique Straight Razors. With all the items featured in this sale, it is surely not an auction to be missed! All pinball machines will be available for preview 7 days prior to the auction.

August 30th & 31st 2014 Fine & Decorative Arts
Morphy Auctions | Denver, PA 17517
Date(s) :  8/30/2014
Auction starts at 9 a.m. Both Day
Bidding Open
Auction starts at 9 a.m. Our August 30th & 31st Fine & Decorative Arts Auction will include over 1,000 lots. This auction includes: Day 1: Saturday - 300+ Fine Jewelry Lots - 150+ Coin & Paper Lots - 100+ Figural Napkin Rings - 75+ Silver Lots - 50+ Bakelite Jewelry Lots Day 2: Sunday - 200+ Pieces of Pottery - 100+ Firefighter Lots - 80+ Pieces of Art Glass - 60+ Stoneware Pieces - 40+ Bronzes & Art Pieces - 40+ Music Boxes

September 6th & 7th 2014 Toys & Pop Culture
Morphy Auctions | Denver, PA 17517
Date(s) :  9/6/2014 - 9/7/2014
Bidding Open
The September 6 & 7 Toy & Pop Culture Auction is the first auction since Morphy Auctions acquired Pop Culture Expert, Tom Miano, of Serious Toyz. This auction includes over 400 lots of slot cars.

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